Grand Champion, National Winner,  Agility Winner
Tropikoons Life's A Beach (Hansel)

Sire: Tropikoons Go Fish of Tropikoons
Dam: Kiyaras QT-Pie of Tropikoons
Silver Tabby and White
Born: June 6, 2014

2015-2016 Show Season 
17th Highest Scoring Cat Nationally 
3rd Best Cat in the Southern Region
Best Maine Coon in the United States
3rd Best  Maine Coon Worldwide 


Cascademtn Key West of Tropikoons (Zak)

Sire: Coonyham Timberlands of Cascademtn
Dam: Kelimcoons Baccarat of Cascademtn
Brown Tabby and White
Born: May 6, 2018


Although these three males are no longer in my breeding program, I would like
to honor them for their significant impact they had on my breeding program.
With much gratitude to Sherry Campbell and Linda Murphy for producing these brilliant boys!!


GC Mainesuspect Profiler of Tropikoons, DM
Silver Tabby and White



GC, RW Mainesuspect Lacoste of Versus, DM (Formally of Tropikoons)
Cameo Tabby and White



Grand Champion
Angtini's Joe Fish of Tropikoons, DM



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