About Us

Who We Are

Tropikoons (formerly Coonoquan) is a small, “in-home” cattery. Our kittens are raised underfoot with lots of playtime, hugs and kisses.  Strangers do not exist for my kittens  —  everyone is their friend. I am committed to breeding beautiful, healthy, well-socialized kittens who can win in the show hall or simply become cherished pets. In order to produce quality kittens, all of my breeding cats are either Champions or Grand Champions in CFA (Cat Fanciers Association.)

Annually, all adult breeding cats are echoed for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) by color-doppler ultrasound, most recently in the winter of 2020, and all were normal. All of my breeding cats are negative for the HCM and SMA genes and PK deficiency.

Tropikoons has been designated a CFA Cattery of Distinction — Tier Level 3 Superior Cattery of Distinction and we are proud to say that our cattery has produced 4 National Winners, 8 Distinguished Merit Cats and 65 Grand Champion and Grand Premiers.

I primarily show in CFA but I am also a registered breeder in TICA (The International Cat Association.)

I am a long-standing member of MCBFA (Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association) which is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the wonderful Maine Coon breed and all members comply with the MCBFA Code of Ethics.  Additionally, I have been issued a Hobby Breeder Permit by Palm Beach County, N-1HB-22-p1210402.