Current Females

Meet the girls!  Here are the beautiful Maine Coon females we are currently showing or using in our breeding program. Take a moment to learn more about these special Maine Coon girls and feel free to contact me if you have questions about when they might be expecting kittens.


CH Tropikoons Bellini

Silver Classic Tabby & White

DOB:  8/30/23
Sire:  GC Tropikoons Neptune
Dam:  CH Angtini Fiji of Tropikoons
Breeder/Owner:  Stephanie Boulter

Bellini is a clear silver tabby with all the details I love — her long, square muzzle, her perfect profile, nice expressive eyes and a strong chin.  Plus, she’s got a beautiful long body that has the feel of a boy.  What more is there?  She’s a girl that has the whole package  —  smart and sweet and beautiful!

silver patched tabby white

GC Cascademtn Destin of  Tropikoons

Silver Patched Tabby & White

DOB: 3/28/2022
Sire: GC Paleeni Simply Irresistable
Dam: Mainesuspect Rock the Casbah
Breeder: Susan and Blair Milburn
Owner:  Stephanie Boulter

Destin has that special beauty that cannot be denied.  All of her details are perfection and her color is spectacular, not to mention, she has the sweetest, most loving personality.  I cannot thank Susan and Blair Milburn enough for this special little gem.


Mainesuspect Babylove of Tropikoons aka “Lola”

Silver Patched Tabby & White

DOB: 5/6/23
Sire: GC Tropikoons Bhondi of Mainesuspect
Dam: Purrcificoon Bay Bay
Breeder: Sherry Campbell
Owner: Stephanie Boulter

Lola comes to Tropikoons from my dear friend Sherry Campbell. She is a beautiful silver patched tabby and white with fabulous type.  Her size is remarkable and I am so excited to show her.  She loves everyone and can’t wait to sit on my lap.  Her spunky personality adds so much fun to the cat world in my house.  She is everyone’s best friend!