Our Maine Coon Females

Meet the girls!  Here are the beautiful females we are currently using in our breeding program. Take a moment to learn more about these special Maine Coon girls and feel free to contact me if you have questions about when they might be expecting kittens.

roulette main coon female

CH Mainesuspect’s Roulette of Tropikoons

Brown Classic Tabby & White

DOB:  8/2/16
Sire: Velvet Jewels Casino
Dam:  Mainesuspect’s Baccarat
Breeder: Sherry Campbell
Owner: Stephanie Boulter

I can’t thank Sherry enough for this special girl!  She has everything I love in a girl!  Beautiful type with a sweet, open expression,  giant fancy lynx tipping, tons of coat and to top it all off she’s got the cutest personality!  We call her the magical cat because if a door is opened she’s out the door magically before we even know it.  She’s smart and funny and loves a lap to sit on!!

juno maine coon female

GC Paleeni Juno of Tropikoons

Silver Classic Tabby & White

DOB:  12/23/18
Sire:  GC Paleeni Peter Quill
Dam:  CH Paleeni Miss Laci
Breeder: Colleen Wolfe
Owner: Stephanie Boulter

Juno came to us from Colleen Wolfe and I can’t thank her enough.  Juno is a clear silver tabby with all the details I love — her long, square muzzle, her perfect profile, nice expressive eyes and a strong chin.  Plus, she’s got a beautiful long body that has the feel of a boy.  What more is there?  She’s a girl that has the whole package  —  smart and sweet and beautiful!

maine coon female brown sanibel

Tropikoons Sanibel

Brown Tabby & White

DOB: 9/21/2020
Sire: Cascademtn Key West of Tropikoons
Dam: CH Mainesuspect’s Roulette of Tropikoons
Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Boulter

Sanibel is our newest home-bred girl and I’m delighted to say that she has the best qualities of both her Mom and Dad.  She has the flash of her Mom and the details of her Dad all rolled into one great little package.  Her warm brown classic tabby pattern is painted on and her type is perfect.  She’s got the flash that I look for in a girl that makes her special.  She’s just plain fancy!