Our Maine Coon Males

Meet our males!  These stunning examples of the Maine Coon breed are the boys who have (or will!!) father our adorable, loving Maine Coon kittens.  Take a moment to learn a bit more about our boys and feel free to contact me about any upcoming litters.

maine tabby maine coon cat

Konakats Menehune of Tropikoons

Brown Classic Tabby and White

DOB: 6/29/21
Sire: CH Konakats Denver
Dam: Mainsuspects Vail of Konakats
Breeder: Priscilla Price

GC, NW, AW Tropikoons
Life’s a Beach

Silver Tabby & White

DOB:  6/6/14
Sire: Tropikoons Go Fish
Dam:  Kiyaras QT-Pie of Tropikoons
Breeder/Owner: Stephanie Boulter

2015-2016 Show Season
Best Maine Coon in the USA
3rd Best Maine Coon Worldwide
17th Highest Scoring All Breed Cat in the USA
3rd Highest Scoring Cat in the Southern Region

Life’s a Beach, aka “ Hansel” is really a puppy in a cat’s body.  He started his life as a pet for my son and I decided to show him for fun.  To my surprise, he quickly rose to the top for a National Win as well as an Agility Win.  He had a spectacular presence about him when he was showing.   His huge size and clear, long silver tabby coat and pattern could not be ignored.  He was a special show boy.  Today, Hansel spends his time as king of our house, lounging on a bed or lap.  He loves to fetch and he comes when he’s called.  I would say he’s the perfect pet and stud boy!

Olimpian Zaffran of Tropikoons

Silver Ticked Tabby & White

DOB: 9/05/2020
Sire:  Wistariantale Bellini of Olimpian
Dam:  Olimpian Orchid Romance
Breeder: Julia Chugunova
Owner: Stephanie Boulter

Say “Hi” to the new guy!  Zaffran comes to us all the way from Olimpian Maine Coons in St. Petersburg, Russia — making him a terrific outcross male for us.

Thank you, Julia, for this beautiful boy!