Some recommendations from Tropikoons!

We have been breeding for quite some time, and along the way we’ve found several products that we feel are worth recommending.

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We feed and recommend Life’s Abundance premium kitten/cat food. Our kittens are accustomed to and should be fed All Life’s Stages Dry Food along with one or two meals a day of Life’s Abundance Choice Canned Food or Fancy Feast Canned Food.

Follow this link to get more information and to order.   If you prefer to feed something different, kittens must be transitioned slowly from this diet to avoid stomach problems.

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Our kittens are accustomed to Tidy Cats Breeze All-In-One Cat Litter.  I realize there are lots of cat litter varieties to choose from but, if you decide to switch to a different type of litter, make the transition slowly and carefully.  In general, most cats prefer unscented litters.

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When it’s time for treats, I highly recommend Halo’s Liv-A-Littles Grain Free 100% Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Treats.  These are made in the USA with NO artificial ingredients.  They are freeze-dried to achieve the ideal texture and lock in nutrients.  Best of all, they are low-calorie and cats absolutely love them.
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Remember, while your kitten is small now, it will soon grow to be a long, large Maine Coon cat. Maine Coons need tall, sturdy, scratching posts and trees.  One of the best scratching posts I’ve found is the SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post.
And, if you are looking for a fabulous cat tree, check out Furwood Forest Rustic Cat Trees.  Each Furwood Forest Cat Tree is a handmade work of art which your cat will absolutely love climbing and sitting on.
I have recently come upon another great purveyor of cat trees. Fur Fluffy trees are well-built (in the USA) and the kittens seem to just love them!
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Playing with your kitten or cat isn’t just fun, but it is recommended as a way to keep them active and engaged their whole life.  We highly recommend Karraway Q Toys for their wide selection and quality!
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Since 1979 Blue Ridge Beef has been committed to providing the finest nutritional raw food for cats and dogs. 100% Pure Meat with no additives or preservatives.  We highly recommend Blue Ridge Beef Kitten Grind to all our kitten buyers!
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