How To Find a Reputable Kitten Breeder Online…

…and avoid scams!

There’s truly no greater joy than selecting and bringing home a new kitten or cat.  But, you need to do a bit of homework to identify the right breeder for you.  You need an experienced person who not only breeds healthy, happy kittens, but will also be there for you after the sale.

Unfortunately, there are many pet sellers on the internet whose websites may look legitimate, but whose practices are not…

Here are a few “red flags” to be aware of:

Beware of “Best Maine Coon Breeder” lists, reviews or blogs.  A few are legitimate, but too often unscrupulous people create websites which put their own cattery names on top of these “Best” lists.  You also have to ask yourself what, exactly, is the criteria these “lists” are using to make their rankings?  If that’s not clearly stated, steer clear.

In addition, be wary of “classified” websites with multiple images of “purebred” cats and kittens from various breeders. This is likely a scam and no reputable breeder would sell kittens this way.  Pro tip!  If it says “Maine Coon” in quotes, then it probably isn’t!  And if it says “part Maine Coon,” stay away.  A Maine Coon (and any purebred cat) will have an official pedigree which goes back generations and shows you that the animal is legitimate.

Be wary of a breeder who doesn’t want you to come to their cattery or who wants to “meet you half way” to show you or sell you a cat. Legitimate breeders will always let you see where the cats are raised and housed.  And it goes without saying that a clean, well-kept cattery is the sign of a good breeder!

A reputable breeder will have a website which details the following information:

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  • How long they have been breeding.
  • What health testing is routinely done on the breeding cats.
  • What veterinary care and inoculations new kittens receive prior to being sent to their new homes.
  • When new kittens are expected for be born.
  • What organization (CFA and TICA are the most common cat registries) the kittens and cats are registered in.
  • Price and pick-up Information.  Most breeders do not ship kittens or cats.

While it’s tempting to go with the first breeder you find who has kittens available, when searching for a new kitten, check out several websites, contact the breeders who seem to be “doing it right” and then have a phone conversation before making any decisions.  Finding your “perfect kitten” is a process.  Take the time to identify a reputable breeder who will give you a wonderful pet.